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A modern suite of prime services engineered with the latest cloud technologies to help maximize the return on your investors’ assets and the opportunity for growth.
Celebrating 100 Years of StoneX
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StoneX Prime Services: where strategy, knowledge, and the markets meet
While the playing field for asset managers is constantly changing, the need for a reliable and flexible prime services partner never does. As the interface between your strategy and the markets you need to execute that strategy, they play a crucial role in achieving your goals.
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Prime Brokerage
Take advantage of our experience and capabilities to focus on what is important to you.
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Outsourced Trading
Achieve new levels of capacity and experience by engaging our outsourced solutions.
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Securities Lending
Put your assets to work via our Fully Paid for Securities Lending program and access to our vast network of stock loan availability.
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Capital Introduction
Access our investor relationships, marketing professionals, and exclusive events to help grow your assets and effectively tell your story.
StoneX Prime Services for asset managers of all types

StoneX Prime Services offers clients a broad spectrum of services from traditional prime brokerage, including capital introduction, to outsourced trading to fully paid for securities lending. StoneX Prime Services can tailor each of these services to provide the capacity, experience, market knowledge, and proficiency you need to take the next step toward reaching your goals.

Our most typical clients include:

Hedge Funds

Whether you need access to a new asset class or are seeking to upgrade the level of service from their prime broker, StoneX Prime Services offers hedge fund managers the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Emerging Managers

StoneX Prime Services appreciates what it takes to start as an asset manager and provides a full suite of prime brokerage services to help you get started on the path to success.

Family Offices

Family offices seeking broad access to markets across multiple asset classes turn to StoneX Prime Services for the access and service they need to meet their investment objectives.

ETF groups and Mutual Funds

We have integrated with several of the most prevalent custody banks to accommodate our 40 Act clients’ custody and execution needs, whether it be via Tri-Party agreements, escrow receipts, or Futures trading and custody.

What StoneX stands for

Today’s global financial markets offer a world of opportunities. To trade. To invest. To manage risk. And to grow.

We believe that every company, every organization, and every investor must have access to the widest array of markets, asset classes, liquidity, products and services, expertise, and advanced tools and technologies in order to seize those opportunities and thrive.

That’s what we stand for. And that’s what we strive to deliver.

We are StoneX.


StoneX Prime Services helps asset managers of all types to:

  • Manage their risk
  • Monitor their performance
  • Maintain their liquidity
  • Grow their business
Global Market Connectivity


What are prime services?

Prime services are the suite of services offered by a prime services business, like a prime broker, that can include multi-asset prime clearing and prime custody services.
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