Outsourced trading

Enhance your operations with StoneX Outsourced Trading

Outsourced trading
Focus on your core competencies and achieve your goals by taking advantage of the collective knowledge and experience of StoneX’s outsourced trading solution.

Why consider an outsourced trading firm?

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Optimize time and resources of portfolio managers and analysts
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Access broad market experience and expertise
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Control costs associated with maintaining in-house trading desk and staff
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Keep up with ever-changing regulation
Open new strategy opportunities
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Increase trading capabilities across all asset classes

The StoneX Way

StoneX’s Outsourced Trading solution doesn’t disrupt your way of doing business, we complement it. We offer an outsourcing solution that will scale to address a variety of operational challenges asset managers face every day so that you can focus on your core business. Our ability to quickly understand your needs and engineer a bespoke solution for each customer is what sets us apart from other “one-size-fits-all” outsourced trading providers.


Scale up your operational capabilities with an outsourced trading partner

StoneX’s fully bespoke outsourcing solutions gives asset managers the power to choose the level of service you need.

StoneX’s fully bespoke outsourcing solutions gives asset managers the power to choose the level of service you need.

StoneX Outsourced Trading

StoneX's Outsourced Trading solutions doesn't disrupt your way of doing business; we complement it.
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Flexible outsourced solutions to meet your needs

Operating a top tier trading team is a complex challenge on the best of days. Trying to maximize trading performance while remaining laser-focused on investment strategy can compromise your ability to achieve your goals. StoneX Outsourced Trading creates the bandwidth you need to perform at the level your investors expect.

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Benefit from an outsourced trading solution on the path to best execution

  • A large global outsourced desk with experience across geographies and markets.
  • Handle volume spikes and unexpected market activity better.
  • Increased reliability and redundancies.
  • Comprehensive back-office functionality.
  • An additional layer of accountability that comes via our regulatory environment providing you a higher degree of confidence.
  • Cost-effective access to a level of experience and knowledge that could be difficult to afford on your own.
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What can you achieve?

What challenges will you overcome or what opportunities will you create with StoneX Outsourced Trading.
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Who provides outsourced trading services?

Outsourced trading services are a relatively young product line and are usually provided by large investment banks and the more progressive prime brokers like StoneX Prime Services.
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What is an outsourced trading provider?

An outsourced trading firm provides asset managers increased capacity and capabilities across their entire operation. A good outsourced trading provider maintains a stable of not only senior-level traders across all asset classes, but also professionals across the asset manager’s entire operation to provide operational bandwidth wherever the asset manager should need it. The service you receive from an outsourced trading provider does not need to be limited to outsourced execution, but any operational function of an asset manager.
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What is outsourced trading?

Outsourced trading is where an asset manager will seek to outsource various operational functions of their firms, which can include trading, accounting, commission management, stock loan management and analysis, ECM/DCM management, etc.
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What makes for a good outsourced trading firm?

Of course you want to look at the trading team, their reputation, experience, knowledge are going to be key to helping maximizing the value of the relationship. But there are other things beyond outsourced execution you need to look at before signing on the dotted line. You want an outsourced trading provider that will come alongside your operation and support, not one that seeks to change everything you do to fit their model of doing business.
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