Cost-Effective Prime Brokerage


With flexible and competitive prime broker fees, StoneX Prime Direct offers a cost-effective on-ramp for asset managers seek access to U.S. equities markets and prime brokerage services designed to set you on your way to growth.

Competitive per-share commissions

StoneX Prime Direct offers traders equity commission rates that flex with volumes and low equity and ETF options rates

Global Market Connectivity
Pricing Details


Electronic Trading
US Equities 0-500k shares/month
500k-1mm shares/month
1mm+ shares/month
$0.0075 per share (1 2 3)
$0.0065 per share
$0.0055 per share 
Options (Equity and ETF)   $0.65 per contract (4 5)
Options (Index)   $1.00 per contract

Desk Trading
US Equities   $0.02 per share, minimum $300 per trade
Options   $2.00 per contract, minimum $300 per trade

Financing: (OBFR – Overnight Bank Funding Rate)

Debits 0-500k Margin Balance
500k-5mm Margin Balance
5mm+ Margin Balance
OBFR plus 150 BPS
OBFR plus 100 BPS
OBFR plus 75 BPS
Credits   Money market funds available upon request
Short Rebates Easy to Borrow
Hard to Borrow
OBFR minus 95 BPS
Competitive markets rates on a case-by-case basis

Clearing, Settlement and Operational Fees (6)

Wires (7) 1st Party $25 per event, $50 foreign
Check Requests 1st Party $25 per event, $50 overnight
Restricted Security Review/Cleaning Fee   $500
Physical Settlement Fee   $200
ADR/ORD Conversion Fee   $100 per event, plus Agent Bank fee passed-through
Low Priced Security Review Fee   $500 (8)
Corporate Actions   $35 per event

Trading System and Data

Web and Mobile Trading Systems   No Cost
Desktop Trading System   $250/month
Market Data   Charged to client

Questions about pricing?

Reach out and we’ll be more than happy to answer your pricing questions.


1. No additional charges for StoneX Group algorithms.
2. Equities trading is inclusive of all specialist bills, ECN fees, odd-lot fees or any other related fees.
3. $10.00 Minimum Ticket Fee for all asset classes.
4. All Exercise and Assignments are charged $40 per event.
5. Additional exchange, regulatory and other fees may apply to all Options Trading. All fees will be passed through to the client.
6. When applicable, additional fees for DRS/DTC/DWAC transfers/rejections, cancel/rebill/DK/fails, cash management, electronic and physical delivery, statements/postage, safekeeping fees, DK’s, prospectuses, and other clearing and custody related items will be passed through to the client and may include a mark-up.
7. StoneX Group does not allow third party wires. Exceptions will only be made for administrators, accountants and parent/subsidiary accounts. Special authorization required.
8. We OTC, OTCBB, Pink Sheet, or sub $1.00 in price and not listed on a major exchange.

The terms of this agreement are based upon StoneX Group’s current understanding of the services needed and the expected level of business as communicated by the Client. Should the actual level of Client assets or revenue differ substantially from expectations, the rates quoted in this proposal may need to be amended accordingly.

If a Custodian to which the Client is introduced or clears should change their terms with StoneX Group, StoneX Group may be required to change the terms of this pricing agreement. Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) collateral requirements incurred by a client’s portfolio may require review and adjustment to this pricing agreement.

All quoted rates exclude any additional fees that may be added by an exchange or regulatory body, which will be passed through directly to the Client. Any costs or fees not charged directly to the Client will be debited by StoneX Group or the Custodian. By executing this proposal, the Client authorizes StoneX Group to debit these fees and acknowledges that the Custodian is not required to verify the calculation of such fees. StoneX Group will communicate known fees to the Client on a best efforts basis. StoneX Group may pass through any additional or unforeseen fees, charges or changes to the Client without notice or amendment to their pricing proposal. If account(s) are closed within one year without cause, the Client may be subject to a $20,000 early closure fee.