A prime broker technology stack that drives you toward your goals

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StoneX Prime provides asset managers with a powerful lineup of prime brokerage trading technologies. The cornerstone of our technology stack is our Execution Management System (EMS), StoneX One. In addition, StoneX Prime supports third-party prime brokerage trading solutions and provides access to robust reporting options: StoneX Advisor and PortfolioShop. StoneX’s prime brokerage technology platforms offer managers the flexibility to access markets and report performance in the way that best suits them.
StoneX Equities Pro, a prime brokerage platform for today’s asset managers
StoneX Prime’s institutional-grade order and execution management platform enables asset managers to reliably execute trades across multiple asset classes around the globe with the performance and speed to compete in fast-moving markets.

StoneX Equities Pro+ Desktop

A fully featured EMS, StoneX Equities Pro Desktop is your interface to global, multi-asset markets. It offers advanced charting with over 90 configurable studies, fully configurable hotkeys and buttons, real-time scanning tools, basket trading, and fully configurable, multi-leg options spread order entry. The world’s markets are truly at your fingertips with StoneX Equities Pro+ desktop.

Equities Pro plus Desktop

StoneX Equities Pro Web

StoneX Equities Pro Web gives today’s asset managers the flexibility to access their trading system without regard to what computer happens to be in front of them at any given moment. Any modern web browser becomes a trading station with StoneX Equities Pro Web. With its ability to support equities and single- and multi-leg options trading, your office just got a lot bigger.

Equities Pro Web

StoneX Equities Pro Mobile

Whether on a mobile phone or tablet, take your EMS with you wherever you go with StoneX Equities Pro Mobile. Available on either iOS or Android devices, these feature-rich apps allow the asset manager the freedom to step away from the desk without sacrificing the ability to act on market moves. With access to high performance, real-time level I and Level II market data, the need to return to the desk may not seem so urgent.

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Reporting Solutions
The best trading solution in the world does you no good without the ability to report on performance, holdings, and your risk picture and communicate those details to those that need them.
Make informed trading decisions and manage risk with StoneX Prime’s reporting system from PortfolioShop. PortfolioShop supports reporting on multiple asset classes and provides daily reconciliation and real-time asset valuation.
StoneX advisor
StoneX Advisor
StoneX Advisor, our proprietary reporting system, provides traders a modern, clean, and easy-to-use interface to access your daily account balances, performance data, holdings, trade confirmations, and monthly statements and 1099s.

Flexible technology solutions from StoneX Prime

Learn more about the technology solutions StoneX Prime offer asset managers.
Alternate Prime Brokerage Trading Platforms
In addition to our flagship EMS, StoneX Prime supports a variety of other trading tools.
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Bloomberg EMSX
Bloomberg EMSX
EMSX is a multi-asset class trading platform that integrates Bloomberg exchange and broker data with your equity, futures, and options orders. As an execution management system, EMSX allows you to seamlessly route single name or baskets/lists to more than 1,300 brokers representing more than 6,000 algorithmic/DMA, program, and cash-trading destinations.
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TRAFiX EMS is a fully redundant trading application that supports Global trading of Equities, Options & Complex Options on a single integrated platform. The system is fully customizable and provides users with high-speed access to order generation & routing to unlimited execution sources. The EMS can be white-labeled and redistributed directly to your customers or can be used internally as your firm’s in-house EMS.
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EZE EMS (formally RealTick)
EZE EMS (formally RealTick)
Eze EMS is a high-speed, multi-broker trading solution that provides fast, seamless, and centralized access to an extensive liquidity network across global equity, futures, and options markets. It provides the critical market intelligence and real-time trading analytics you need to power your performance.
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